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Heb12 Bible
We are working on a new cross-platform Bible app, comming soon.
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Heb12 Mobile
Heb12 Mobile is the obsolete Android rewrite of Heb12 Electron. It was written with Java and Javascript. It was maintained by @Petabyte.
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Heb12 Web API
A free and open web Bible API for websites and apps.
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Meet the Team

Founder, Developer of Heb12 Go


Developer of Heb12 Mobile, Heb12 API


Backend Developer

About Us

Heb12's mission is to make free (libre) and open source Bible apps for the world. The apps are not made to restrict you from sharing God's word or even the app itself. Their sole purpose is to help anyone freely read the Bible. All of the Heb12 software are all available for anyone to freely use, modify, and share with others. There is no "ownership" of God's Word, and Christian programmers should not restrict those who would like to read it.

Most importantly, we want the programs to honor Jesus through the work we do.
Jesus gave us our talents, and we are using them to honor Him.